How to Create LinkedIn Pages like a pro – A Complete guide to LinkedIn pages for small businesses

Let’s face it.

Do you really need to add another dormant page to your list of social media pages (I know you have hundreds of them on Facebook)?

Trust me; this is not what this guide is about. This guide will teach you how to create a LinkedIn page the right way and how to use it properly to your advantage.

Let’s jump right in

Creating a LinkedIn Company page

The first step, once you are logged in to your LinkedIn account is to go to the work section of LinkedIn on your desktop. (Tip: see how you can create a page using your mobile phone)

Scroll down and click on ‘Create a company page’

Select the category your company belongs to

Fill in your company details

Your page URL will by default be in the format of but you can customize your page URL to make it shorter.

Verify that you have the permission to create your company page and that you agree to the additional terms for pages. Then click on Create page.

After this, you complete the set-up for your page by supplying other details about your company

The first important detail about your company is the about page (description). This is where you have the opportunity to tell your page visitors your company story and convince them you are the best-suited company to help their business.

After this, you add tags about your company specialty to help people understand what you do better

The next thing to do is to add a cover image to your page. Make sure to add a cover image that looks professional. You can add action pictures of your company at work or recent events in your company or even a simple design with your company name and list of services.

This is what your completed page will look like

The next thing to do is to create your first post

Your post could be a short introduction, photo, video, poll, or an article, and just like from your real profile, you could attach a document to your posts.

Once you have built your page to a certain level and added some posts to your page, it is time to invite people to your page to let them know what you are up to.

Finally, the ‘admin tools’ tab helps you to manage your page and assign roles to your employees.

You can always access your page directly from your profile

And you can always edit your page from the ‘edit page’ button

LinkedIn Showcase pages

There is a type of page on Linkedin called ‘showcase page’. This is a kind of a subpage to your main page. It is almost the same as the main page with just a little difference. See the differences here.

You can use ‘showcase pages’ for a number of things such as segmenting your customers or for projecting different departments in your company/business.

Why you need Linkedin pages

A lot of people are not conversant with LinkedIn pages but it is one of the most effective ways to market your business on LinkedIn. Linkedin pages can help you do a number of things.

  1. It will help your company to be visible on linkedin
  2. It will help you and your employees to associate your linkedin profiles to your company page
  3. It helps you to use your personal profile for personal purposes and differentiate it from your company profile.
  4. Linkedin pages rank on search engine result pages. This can help you rank your content easily on search engine result pages.
  5. It can serve as a landing page for your business if you are not yet ready to build your own website and you can share your page link with people to visit your business page.

There is no need to stress the fact that LinkedIn is a professional social network and that is one of the best places to connect with professionals and attract B2B leads.

Now that you know how to use LinkedIn pages like a pro, it is time to use them to your own advantage. If you are looking for a complete guide on how to use LinkedIn to generate leads to your business, check this post here.