How to use LinkedIn like a Pro and attract the Clients of your Dreams

It doesn’t work!

This is all B.S. I don’t want to waste my time again with this.

Hold on. 

I know that feeling you have when you have worked very hard and for a very long time on something and the results don’t seem to be forthcoming. You feel like you have nothing to show for all the work you have put in. 

Don’t worry; you are not alone. Today, I want to show you how you can overcome some of the hurdles you have using LinkedIn to market your business. 

I also want to share with you tips and ideas that can help you get the client of your dreams and scale your business using just LinkedIn. So stay tuned as I show you the LinkedIn blueprint in this post.

Why you need to learn about LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is one of the important tools you need to have in your marketing arsenal. I’m not just saying this because I think so, but because the facts prove so.

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn offers you a unique opportunity to connect and build relationships with top-level managers across different industries. 

Stats show that LinkedIn is 277% more effective in generating leads than Facebook and that it accounts for 80% of B2B leads and more than 50% of the total social traffic coming to B2B sites.

With over 756 million users, 57 million companies listed,15 million open jobs posted on LinkedIn, it is the best place to reach out and connect with businesses that need the services you offer.

Your LinkedIn Business Strategy

If you want to succeed with LinkedIn marketing, you need to have a strategy just like in any other thing you do. You need to sit down and plan on how to get in front of your customers, how to connect with them, how to nurture and build a rapport with them before you can talk about doing business with them.

In this section,  we are going to show you how to build your assets which are your profile, your page, and your groups. These are ways you make the first impressions on your customers when they visit your profile or your page even without you being there.

Build a professional profile

I hate to say it but building a professional profile is one of the most important factors that will help you get your dream clients on LinkedIn.

Understanding the key difference between LinkedIn and other social media platforms will help you build a professional profile different from the ones you have on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

A professional profile starts from the cover photo and the profile picture through the description and bio to featured contents, skills, certifications, licenses, accomplishments, and recommendations.

Building a professional LinkedIn profile is a complete topic of discussion on its own and therefore I have made a post on how to make your LinkedIn profile look professional. You can read the post here.

Create a page for your business

Since LinkedIn is a professional social network it is better to stay professional too. One of the ways to stay professional is to create a separate page for your business so that you can clearly distinguish between your business page and your personal profile.

LinkedIn business pages give you more opportunity and space to give customers more details about your business and to tell more about what you do. So make sure to use your business page wisely. Leave no stone unturned so as to get the best results from your LinkedIn pages.

One more thing about LinkedIn pages is that they rank in search engine result pages. What this means is that a LinkedIn page could be part of your SEO strategy and because of the domain authority of LinkedIn, it will be far easier to rank on search engines using a LinkedIn page than to rank on a new website. 

So you could use your LinkedIn page as a form of a landing page for your business and that is why you should strive to make a good first impression.

You can create a page by going to the work section of your LinkedIn profile

From there, you click on create a company page

Select the company size your business belongs to

Fill the appropriate details into the boxes and click on create page

Your finished work should look like this:

This post here will help you get the best out of your LinkedIn business page.

Make the best use of LinkedIn groups

Linking groups are communities of like-minded LinkedIn users who come together to talk about topics of interest. It offers you a unique opportunity to meet with your prospective customers and to share your knowledge and expertise with them. 

Sharing these valuable insights with your prospective clients would make them trust you and be willing to do business with you when the need arises.

There is however one big mistake people make when joining social media groups; they join the same groups where their competitors are. You should be smarter than that. 

The groups you should join are the groups where your prospective clients are. As an example if you are a digital marketer, you should not join groups for digital marketers; you should join groups for business owners because they are the ones that have the need for digital marketing. If you are a teacher, don’t just join teachers’ groups but make sure you also join a number of school owners so that your employers or prospective clients can see and feel your impact.

If you don’t find desirable groups to join, you could also create your own group where you can invite your prospective clients to join and offer them valuable expertise, advice, and insights that will make them begin to have the urge to work with or do business with you.

Your LinkedIn marketing tools


There are so many ways to share your expertise on LinkedIn and writing articles is one of them. you can see the articles on LinkedIn as your own blog on LinkedIn. 

Apart from the fact that using articles allows you to write more than 1,300 characters, it also gives you the opportunity to do much more such as being able to link to other web pages and embedding other types of content.

So when you are starting out or when you don’t have enough money to build your own website, writing articles on LinkedIn could be a very good way to start creating powerful content to reach your audience.


LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to create and host events on LinkedIn. This is a very good way to notify your connections and prospective clients about upcoming training sessions, webinars, and other events and activities which you think might interest them.

Once you set up an event, you will be prompted to invite your connections who in turn can share and invite others to your event. Those invited to the event can easily indicate if they are attending or not and this is a great way to find out the number of expected attendees for planning purposes.

From here you can create an event by simply clicking on create an event


LinkedIn live is not available to everyone but can be a great tool for you if you apply and get approved for it. It will offer the opportunity to host live events on LinkedIn and have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with your connections and followers.

See more details about LinkedIn live here.


The featured section of your profile offers you the opportunity to showcase your recent relevant activities to your prospective clients once they visit your profile. It is a great way to make a very good first impression on your prospective clients who might be connecting with you for the first time. 

So make sure you use this powerful section of your profile to demonstrate your skills and abilities to your clients. This can be your portfolio or a gallery of your best works or pictures of you doing what you do best. 


The post section of your LinkedIn homepage can be used for several purposes. This is where you can post a vacancy, celebrate an employee, post pictures and videos, share a short post, and so on. 

This post section of your LinkedIn homepage offers you a great opportunity to engage with your connections through pictures and other forms of posts. 

There are however two very important features in the post section that you might be neglecting. These are attaching a document and creating an opinion poll.

You can then write a post or click on the three dots below to see more options 

From here you can either attach a document or create a poll

  • Polls: people may not have time to read a post but an opinion poll is easier to understand and your connections will want their voice and their opinions to count. So they will likely engage with your polls and answer your questions and this way you will have an increase in the level of engagement.

Questions open up conversations and you should ask questions whenever you have a chance to do so. This will help you to know what people think about your brand or products.

Polls are also great for understanding what people want so that you can tailor your content to your audience’s needs.

  • Documents: documents are a great way to share content that you want your audience to freely share with other people. This could be branded materials that will help you spread your brand and get more people to be aware of your Brand and services.

You can also use the documents feature to share slides and presentations with your audience. So you can prepare slides for your videos and your training sessions and share them with your connections using the document feature in the post section. This way, you can offer great value to your audience and make them believe you are an expert in the field.

One good thing about sharing documents is that you can embed links into some sections of these documents so that when people share them, they become marketing materials for your brand and your business.

How to effectively promote your business on LinkedIn

Making connections on LinkedIn is great but getting your followers and connections to do business with you is better. This, unfortunately, is easier said than done and the most painful part is when you spend a lot of time making lots of connections with people and you have nothing to show for it.

The real work of doing business starts after you have set up your profile, built your pages, joined some relevant groups, and made some new connections. Below are six steps you can follow from the point of connecting with your clients to the point of getting them to do business with you.

Step 1. Connect right 

The first right thing to do when looking for clients on LinkedIn is to connect with the right people. Don’t get me wrong. It is good to connect with your colleagues, friends, and people of like interests but; if you are looking to get clients from LinkedIn you also have to make connections with your ideal customers. 

You can start by using the search function on LinkedIn to search for titles that your ideal clients might use to describe themselves. You can also join groups that your ideal clients might be in as I’ve already explained above and make connections with people in that group.

Step 2. Find a common ground

When people connect with you on LinkedIn, you can go through their profiles. Try to look at their activities and interests and see if there is anything you have in common with them that could serve as a common ground for you to start a conversation with them. 

Once you find something you have in common with them, you can start by messaging them and letting them know you have an interest in such activities too.  From here you can start off a conversation.

Even if you don’t find something common from their activities and interests, you could also check the schools they attended, the courses they major in, their certifications, and some programs or events that they might have attended in which you were also present. This can also serve as a common ground between you and them.

Step 3. Build a connection

I hope you read that right. 

No, I’m not trying to repeat step one, I’m talking about making the real connection after they have accepted your connection request.

You can do this by engaging with their content, liking and commenting on their posts, and following some of their activities, or even tagging them in some of your posts. 

This way, you will keep being present in their mind and they will remember you often. You will become their friends and they will feel comfortable working with you.

Step 4. Add value

Another way you can make a good impression on your connections after you have engaged with their content is to share resources you think they might need with them. 

You can share your relevant blog posts with them or share some resources you use such as guides, checklists, formulas, swap files, and any other materials they might find helpful. 

This way, they will appreciate your gifts and would want to pay you back in some way.

Step 5. Hang out

As often as possible try to have a face-to-face chat with your prospective clients. This could be a phone call, a video chat, or even a physical meeting. 

This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and get the information you need to understand their needs better and offer them exactly what they need.

This is not to say that businesses cannot happen without such meetings but when you get a client that is willing to have a chat, don’t miss the opportunity.

Step 6. Offer your best

When you finally get a chance to do business with your clients, be sure to leave a lasting impression by offering them the best service of their lives. 

I guess you already know that word-of-mouth advertising is the best and the cheapest form of advertising as well as the most effective. 

If you serve your clients very well they will recommend you to their friends and colleagues. 

This way, you will get more clients.

As a bonus for going through this post, this post here will give you templates you can use to easily come up with messages to send to your connection.