How to create a Free Website for your Business

It is no longer news that businesses need to create online presence in addition to their local and physical campaigns in order to increase their chances of survival in the pandemic and post-pandemic era.

While others were ‘locked-down’ in their various homes, businesses like Amazon with online presence continued to thrive during the pandemic. This opened the eyes of many people to appreciate the power of the ‘online leverage’. 

The best way to take your business online is to get your own website. This is the only way to have total control of your business online. But having your own website comes with a price. At the least, you need to pay for domain and hosting for your website. 

The second option you have is to find free alternatives – and there are so many of them. These include free local listings, social media pages, online forums, YouTube, Google sites and other free blogging/micro blogging websites.

A free website also has its own limitations. The greatest of these limitations is the lack of full control over your space and content. 

In this post, I’m going to be teaching how to create a free website using which I think is the best option for a full free website.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Sign up

This is the easiest step in creating the free website. Just visit WordPress on your browser to get started.

You can sign up using your Gmail account or you can enter your email, username and password to create your account.

Step 2: Choose a domain.

The next step after signing up is choosing your domain name. Since we are looking for a free option, you will have to choose the domain that has as it’s extension.

You have to type in a variety of domain names before you get one that you like from the available options.

Step 3: Choose a plan

After you’ve chosen your domain name, you will be given an option to ‘choose a plan’. Just make sure you ignore the plans and click on ‘start with a free site’ at the top of the page

Step 4: Finish site set up

You will have a set of tasks at the top right corner of the page to help you complete your site set up and you would be ready to launch your site to the world.

To do this:

  • Click on name your site and enter your site title and tagline. The site title is a name that describes the general purpose of your website. An example could be ‘relationship advice for divorced fathers’ or ‘money making tips for students’ or ‘Pennywise’. The site’s tagline on the other hand gives a detailed description of the general purpose of the websites. An example could be ‘Take charge of your life’ or ‘Become a student millionaire’.
  • Update your home page. To do this, click on edit homepage and then add text and images to describe your website and its purpose. When you are done, and you are satisfied with the look of the website, you can click on update at the top right corner of the page to update your website. The WordPress editor is a visual editor. What that means is that your finished page will look almost exactly as it is when you are editing it.
  • Verify your email address through an email that will be sent to you
  • Create and customize your site menu. You can watch the tutorial if you don’t know how to add and customize menus on WordPress.
  • Customize your theme. If you don’t like the look and feel of your website, you can go to the appearance tab by the left hand side of your WordPress dashboard and click on appearance. Then go to themes. From there, you can change the theme of your website to one that looks and feels better.
  • Launch your website. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel of your website and homepage you can click on ‘lunch website’ to make your website available on the internet for others to see.

Once you launch your website, it is live on the internet and you can share your website address with your friends and family to visit your website and see what you have posted on your page.