Email Marketing Tips and Best Practices in 2021

If you are serious about online marketing, you can’t ignore email marketing. It is still one of the most effective online marketing strategies that will help you nurture leads and drive sales to your business. It still has the highest return on investment for every dollar spent among all other forms of online marketing.

If you are looking  to learn more about email marketing, you can go here. In this post we want to give you some tips that can help you take your email marketing campaign to another level.

Get permission: one of the best pieces of advice you will receive about email marketing is never to send people emails without their permission. Make sure you build your own email lists by yourself. Let people know that they are subscribing to receive emails from you. Stealing people’s emails will not help you. You will end up making them angry and they’ll either unsubscribe or report you as spam and your email will never get to their inbox ever again.

Add an unsubscribe button: this may sound weird but you should add an unsubscribe button to your emails to allow people who are no longer interested in your emails to subscribe. This will help your emails to be compliant with CAN-SPAM act. It will also make your subscribers trust you and know that you are not forcing subscription down their throats. Finally adding an unsubscribe button will help you a lot because those who are no longer interested in your emails can easily unsubscribe and your list will be free from dormant subscribers. This way you won’t pay for inactive subscribers.

Give a ton of value: People gave you their emails in the first place because you promised them a lot of value. Make sure you deliver more value than you promised. Giving your subscribers a ton of value will make them trust you and see you as an authority. They will also naturally want to give back and so will be open to do business with you when you send them promotions or ask them to take some actions such as giving you feedback. Feedback from loyal subscribers is a priceless gift.

Have a mailing schedule: When it comes to email marketing campaigns, there are lots of email software that can help you to automate your email campaigns. If you must succeed in email marketing, you need to create your emails beforehand and queue them up in an autoresponder so that they can be sent out automatically at a scheduled time. Don’t try to send your emails manually because you are going to do a lot of work and you will definitely not get the result you desire.

Test your email headlines: You can greatly improve the performance of your emails just by using the right headlines. Make sure you test your headlines to find out which ones perform better than the others. You can also tap into what headlines others have tested and use them to boost the performance of your campaigns. You could also test other things such as design and call-to-action buttons.

Track your results: Don’t just send out emails and relax. You need to track the performance of you of your email campaigns so that you can find ways to improve immediately. You need to look at the delivery rate, open rates, CTR (Click Through Rates), and other metrics to make sure your subscribers are getting your emails and that they are reading them and taking the necessary actions. Otherwise, you will end up running your email campaigns without achieving your goals.

Be specific with your call to action: People won’t take action unless you ask them to. Don’t just spend time writing beautiful emails without telling your subscribers what to do after reading your emails. If you do this, they will simply do nothing. Before you send out your email campaigns make sure you have clearly spelt out what you want your readers to do after reading your email. And don’t just put in any random phrase as your call to action. Make sure to tell your readers exactly what will happen when they click on the button

Add some personality: Make sure to add some personal touch to your email campaigns. One way to do this is to address your subscribers individually by calling them by their names. Many email software can help you do this effortlessly and automatically. A second way to do this is to understand their needs and problems and empathize with their situation. Don’t be too formal with your email with your emails. Another to look at is the design of your emails. Come to think of it, when you send your emails to your friends, you send them plain text emails. Don’t kill your emails with excessive design; give it some informal personal touch.

Be open to the conversation: As a way to take the personal touch in your emails to another level, encourage your subscribers to reply to your emails and give you feedback. You can also ask them questions and tell them you would love to get their response or seek their opinion on some issues or even send out surveys and polls to them. You can also ask them to connect with you on social media. This will let them know that they are not just getting emails from bots but from real humans who is out to help them succeed.

Keep it regular but never spammy: a lot of people ask questions about how often emails should be sent and some others even encourage people to send out emails daily. The truth is that an average person receives anywhere between 60 to 150 emails per day. Sending your subscribers may not be to the best of your interest because even you yourself will get tired of someone sending you emails daily talk more of someone sending you two emails every day. Keep your emails regular (once or twice a week) but never spam your subscribers with thousands of emails. They will get tired of you and your emails quickly if you do that. If you send out your emails once or twice a week then your subscribers will anticipate your emails and be better disposed to receive them.

Your Headlines should create Curiosity: I agree with Joe Sugarman that the purpose of the headline in every copy is to get the reader to read the first sentence. Find a way to grab your readers’ attention with your headline so that he/she will leave tens or even hundreds of other emails in his/her inbox and read yours. Don’t just write sloppy headlines, be creative with it or go with what has been tested and is confirmed to be working.

Avoid Shouting: Don’t use ALL CAPS in your emails. Your readers will think you are trying to spam them and you will not like the results. You can just use a one-sentence paragraph to drive home your points or make them bold but never use it too often or it will lose its value too.

Keep it brief: Stories are a good way to connect with your readers and be personal but make sure it is relevant and not too long. Apart from stories make sure that every word in your email has a purpose. Your emails should just be as long as it needs to be and not longer. Writing lengthy emails can get your readers bored and tired and they would go and find something more interesting to read.

Break it: Declutter your emails and space them out properly. Write very short paragraphs because they are easier to read. Large blocks of paragraphs make your emails look daunting to the reader. You can even make it skimmable by using subheadings or sections so that your readers can skim through and read what is important to them.

Optimize for Mobile Devices: a greater number of people are accessing the internet daily on their mobile devices. It is easier to check your mail on transit while commuting to and from work. You will be hurting yourself if you fail to optimize your emails for mobile devices. A lot of email software will let you preview how your emails will look both on PCs and mobile devices. Make sure your email is optimized both for PCs and mobile devices.

Alt text: Videos and images help you to communicate more effectively with your subscribers but sometimes they may not load properly. Adding an alt text helps your readers to still get what the image is all about and also help people who use screen readers to make sense of your emails.